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screenshot of angelo jewelry

Angelo Jewelry

Angelo Jewelry is a hand-made jewelry store located on the Downtown Mall in Charlotteville, Virginia.

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screenshot of james cole's portfolio website

James Cole

Personal portfolio website for poet and academic James Cole

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screenshot for red brick inc

Red Brick Inc

Business website for content management and web development

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/04 - 06/


screenshot of whodat.ninja

Who Dat

Who Dat? is a browser-based game where you have a conversation with an unknown fictional character and must guess whom it is you're talking with

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/05 - 06/


screenshot of therumen.com

The Rumen

The Rumen is a literary journal a few friends and I started. I had always wanted to be the editor of one, and now that I'm able to create websites, it's become a project of mine to run what I hope will become a very respected source of fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry

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/06 - 06/


screenshot of charlenemorris.com

Charlene Morris

Charlene is a local Insurance Agent who specializes in assisting elderly clients signing up for MediCare

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